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First Psilocybin License in Thailand


PsiloThai is now in the process of building out our team and are seeking a cultivation expert

as well as other strategic partners who can help bolster our mission of being the first publicly owned company in South East Asia to supply psilocybin solutions worldwide.


Join passionate practitioners, seeking a cultivation expert, partnership and explore opportunities

We look forward to hearing from you...


Here at "PsiloThai" we believe that the cure lies in the hands of a sacred and yet powerful mushroom - Psilocybin.

A mushroom which is indigenous to the land of Thailand and is now legally available to cultivate, research, and distribute to the rest of the world.

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As the first licensed producers in South East Asia,

We invite visionary minds to join us in shaping a groundbreaking era of psilocybin medicine and revolutionizing mental health care worldwide.

Our vision

The new earth is one of peaceful conscious connection and we are looking to partner with like-minded individuals dedicated to carving that same path.

Our mission

Is to identify how to utilize this medicine to the best of its ability by cultivating the highest quality varieties, classifying which varieties are best at treating which medical conditions, and establishing research-backed protocols for medical practitioners and therapeutic guides worldwide.

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