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Psilocybin will be used for medical treatment for the following mental health conditions PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, and with terminally ill patients. 


Psilocybin sessions will only be given once full approval by the Ministry of Public Health is given, all legalities and governmental recommendations will be upheld and abided by.

Once PsiloThai is fully approved for administering psilocybin our experienced group of Psilocybin counselors and facilitators will lead sessions in the most responsible and effective ways possible using our standard operational procedures which will be followed in every Psilocybin session.

It is understood that setting and setting or mindset which means the clients frame of mind or mood will be in a moderately good mood and clear from any major anxiety or stress prior to the session. While setting is understood as any environmental impact which could influence the clients perception or mood during the session. The setting will be laid out in a comfortable manner. 

Any questions or concern that a client may have will be thoroughly addressed by the therapist well before the day of the Psilocybin session. Also there will be preparation in diet, detox in conjunction with mindfulness exercises in the days prior to having the psilocybin session. 

After the psilocybin session, once the client is coherent and in good energy they will then meet with the Psilocybin integration counselor. During that session any and all insights, visions or epiphanies will then be discussed between the client and Psilocybin integration counselor.

The session will map out and decipher any and all symbolisms that may have come up during the Psilocybin session so that the client can deeply understand what the session held. 


At this point a “tailor-made integration report” (TIR)  will then be created outlining different aspects of the clients life. Five main aspects of the clients life including; mental health, physical health, emotional well-being, social life and livelihood will be addressed. Each aspect will be analyzed in detail and the client and the counselor will then create (if so desired by the client) a report with benchmarks and goals assigned to them over the next three months six months and one year progressions.

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