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Cost: 900USD

There seems to be quite a demand for clients who need post integration counseling sessions. After one has had a psychedelic experience many insights, visions and extraordinary experiences may have occurred.

It is then of the utmost importance that a person integrates anything they can remember from their psilocybin or psychedelic experience.

Without that integration process a person could come back from the psychedelic experience feeling more lost or mentally unstable and they were prior to the session.

That is why it’s so important for anybody using Psilocybin or any other types of psychedelic compounds to make sure there is some type of integration process. Psilothai offers this integration process for any and all clients who have had a Psilocybin or psychedelic experience in the past. The integration counseling session can help the client better understand what was experienced in their session. The Integration counselor will then help to interpret any symbolism or emotional insights that may have occurred during the session.

Should you be interested in the integration counseling session, contact Psilothai today for an available consultation date.a


  • Pre-session and post-integration

  • Tailor-made integration report

  • Regular follow-ups - up to 3 months after

  • 2 meals a day (over the 4-day on-site meetings)

  • Substances (cacao, dragons, and cannabis tea) optional

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