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6 weeks training, on-site and online)

Cost : 1750 USD

15th July 2024

This will be a six-week plus course that will be held online in conjunction with leading facilitator training programs around the globe. 


This program which will also have a (optional) practicum that students can attend in Thailand will sharpen the therapist sessions using a mindfulness program combined with counseling and therapeutic tools to strengthen the Psilocybin sessions with the latest research studies and therapeutic methods. 

The course will be certified by one of the leading Universities in Thailand, RMULT.

Course details:

  • 1 hour of recorded lecture with 6 different lectures from Mind Foundation 

  • 1-hour discussion Q & A with Inna

  • 1 hour group discussion & simulations at New Earth , Koh Phangan

  • Total of 18 hours of lecture and discussion. 

  • 50 hours of practicum (Vipassana, Qi Gong, Meditations, Research Studies etc.) 

  • Added to WhatsApp/Telegram discussion group

Included will be:

  • Examination 

  • Journal 

  • Presentations

  • Research

Program topics :

  • Pre-screening, Set & setting, Integration

  • Dosing and boosters 

  • Harm Reduction 

  • History 

  • Period of onset of substance 

  • Video simulation, hearing the client talk about their situation. Active listening and picking out the key touchpoints

  • Knowledge of the physical and psychological effects of psilocybin 

  • Spiritual and metaphysical intelligence 

  • Self-awareness and ethical integrity 

  • Journaling 

  • meditation 

  • Knowledge and complementary techniques  

  • Via Flow state mindfulness practices - vipassana, breathwork, disc golf, archery, hiking, foraging, horse therapy,

Program will be Certified by the Rajamangala University.

Application Process

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