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Investment Opportunity

  • New Industry - One of the first psilocybin retreat centers in South East Asia

  • Expertise - PsiloThai has connected with the leading organizations for psychedelic research, providing safe and effective protocols

  • Legalities - Securing all licenses, permits, and legal documentation and approvals with Thai government entities

  • Team - PsiloThai has built a team of capable, trustworthy, and efficient personnel for full operational function

  • Real Estate - Providing the space and location for retreats at New Earth Center

Why PsiloThai?



  • Continue to develop our prototype state-of-the-art retreat center in Thailand 

  • Franchise the psilocybin model around Thailand in a variety of wellness centers 

  • Produce positive revenue over a 3-5 year period, upon successful completion to enter the Thai stock market with IPO (Initial Public Offering)


For Investment options please contact

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